Our Classes

Our classes start for girls and boys from the age of 2.5 years and upwards. during their training the students get the opportunity to study both the RAD and BTDA syllabus with the option of examinations if they so wish.

We also offer medal tests/ performance awards giving the students and additional option for performing on stage as well as offering shows and workshops for those who would like to participate.


Preparatory Classes.  This is our very first class for the pre-schoolers. The children study the basic elements of ballet plus develop their balancing, jumping etc through the use of imagery, props and songs. This is a fun class to introduce them to ballet.


Primary - Seniors. At the age of 5 years students begin to study for examinations, which are an optional part of the training. Exams start around the age of 5, but, ability is more important than age. A good solid training at the beginning we set them up for later levels.



Modern and Tap.

These classes can be started at the age of 4 years for tap and 5 years for Modern. The students study the BTDA examination syllabus. Exams are again taken when children reach the correct ability.


Children also have the opportunity of taking Rose awards, a good introduction to the examination system. Children receive an award and a certificate